Men's Ethical + Vegan Shoes


without harming animals?

Find yourself a suave pair of boots, oxfords or casual shoes that'll turn heads,
and also happen to be vegan, eco-conscious & made fairly.

Why not choose to make the world a kinder place each time we shop? ♡

About these brands
  • Brave Gentleman: an NYC based vegan fashion label, making suits, clothing & accessories. Their footwear label is done as a conjunction with Novacas, and is made in Portugal

  • Bourgeois Boheme: UK based, made in Portugal. I (Henrietta) absolutely adore this brand's mens shoes range. The Owen and Lewis brogues styles are my especial favourites, as they're ultra dapper. They've got a funky range of Pinatex (pineapple leaf) styles too.

  • Good Guys Don't Wear Leather: France based, made in Portugal. (A little quirky, and exceedingly comfortable. Many of their styles are unisex, such as the Duke boots [which Henrietta owns + loves!])

  • Will's London: UK based, made in Portugal. (This brand is very popular here in Melbourne, as it has a large range of durable and affordable, everyday shoes. Someone told me recently they've had a pair of Will's oxfords for 5 years, and only now are they needing to be re-soled).

  • NAE: Portugal based + made. (Uses lots of eco-friendly materials, such as Pinatex, cork, recycled bottles, tyres + more. Owned by an absolutely lovely Portuguese husband-wife team, whom we've had the pleasure of meeting).

  • Nicora: Made entirely in the USA, using recycled materials such as recycled plastics and rubber.

  • Novacas: this is the house brand of NYC + LA based vegan footwear boutique Moo Shoes. Their shoes are made in Portugal, and whilst Novacas doesn't have its own website, you can find the range at Moo Shoes + other vegan stores around the world. (I know Vegan Style in Melbourne carries them).

  • Opificio V: Italian made. If you're looking for luxuriously elegant vegan shoes that ooze great craftmanship, then Opificio V is for you. (It's divine!)

  • Sydney Brown: American born designer, shoes made in Portugal (where Sydney now lives). Her designs are incredibly sculptural and unique, and use pioneering eco-friendly materials such as cork, coconut fibres, organic cotton, natural rubber & sustainably harvested wood. We're both crazy about Sydney's sustainably luxurious shoes!

  • Zapas: Melbourne based, made in Spain. This brand makes traditional Spanish espadrilles, that are the perfect casual shoe in warm weather. They're made using natural fibres of jute, canvas + rubber.

Where to buy Men's vegan shoes: pHysical + ONLINE STOREs

As well as from these brands own websites, you can buy ethically made vegan shoes at various retail stores around the world. Most of them offer worldwide delivery.

Some of these stores are 100% vegan, whilst others are ethical production focussed, but offer good vegan options (e.g. Modavanti).

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Lead image credit: Bourgeois Boheme