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A Melbourne Yoga, Barre & Pilates Teacher's Guide To Healthy Plant-Based Meals in Melbourne

Being a vegan in Melbourne is gloriously easy. Far from being served a salad with all the fun flavours removed, Melbourne offers a gourmet selection of super nutritious, delicious plant based meals. Whether it’s a 100% vegan or vegetarian venue or whether it’s just got a great variety of meals for both vegans and meat/fish eaters, these are the places I go to and totally recommend.

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Amsterdam Vegan Food Guide

There are certainly no shortage of places to get great vegan food in Amsterdam! On my recent visit to this beautiful city, I also learnt that you don't need to specially seek out vegetarian or vegan restaurants to have a delicious meal there (which is super convenient)!

Here are a few of my favourite Amsterdam vegan-friendly cafes, stores and restaurants.

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