Plastic Free Cosmetics Review: Zero Waste Beauty Australia

We've been getting more and more into the 'zero waste' (or minimal waste) living movement, which means trying to reduce our wastage and impact on the planet as much as possible.

After watching shows like the ABC's War On Waste, which really sheds a light on our society's modern consumption behaviours, we are more impassioned than ever to try to live more sustainably.

We've pledged to ditch (nearly all) single-use plastic this month, as part of Plastic Free July. This can be straight forward enough in the case of most groceries, but when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, things are a lot more challenging!

finding vegan beauty products which minimise plastic packaging is a journey
zero waste beauty australia are vegan beauty products made in melbourne


Recently though, we discovered the newly launched brand Zero Waste Beauty Australia (ZWBA), which challenges the way waste is generated by the current beauty industry. All of their products are packaged in glass jars, with biodegradable labels, and when you finish off one of their products, you can return its container to your local ZWBA stockist to earn a discount on your next purchase. 😉 

Their products are all 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan, and they are handmade in Melbourne, Australia, with love. Free from parabens, aluminium, sulphates, silicone, triclosan, synthetic fragrance and phtalates, ZWBA products are made from raw and unfiltered natural ingredients. 

Zero Waste Beauty Australia makes cosmetic products that are natural, cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly and handmade in Melbourne.

ZWBA was dreamed up by Thalia Laughlin, who founded the label after successfully curing her illness of chronic urticaria, by removing chemicals from her food, cleaning products and beauty routine.

As a result, she found a passion for making beauty products which are natural and waste-free. In her words:

“I found that many people actually struggled finding beauty alternatives that are good for the body, good for the planet, and suit them well too.

”So that is the inspiration for ZWBA: creating beauty routine essentials which are natural, waste-free, vegan, cruelty-free and made in Australia... creating products which inspire change... creating a revolution in the beauty industry”
— Thalia Laughlin, ZWBA
zero waste beauty australia make a range of products which are vegan, eco friendly and minimise waste
zero waste beauty australia vegan toothpaste


But how can a brand be 100% zero waste?

Well in reality, in our current western society, maintaining a totally zero waste model is nigh on impossible. (It would mean not using a computer, driving a car, or even catching public transport.) But ZWBA are doing their best to work towards creating as little waste as possible in the production of their cruelty-free beauty products. They're also very open and transparent about this issue and their practices, which you can learn more about here.

As well as encouraging customers to return the empty glass jars to them, they don't use plastic in their shipping process - instead wrapping products in newspaper, re-purposed cardboard and other materials that have been sent to them. They always keep the idea of a circular economy in mind when preparing packages.

Chocolate face scrub not only smells delicious, but it's vegan, eco-friendly and made with natural ingredients.

Thalia kindly gave me some of her ZWBA products to sample - my favourite of which is the most delicious smelling chocolate, almond & clove face scrub.

It leaves my face feeling beautifully cleansed and nourished.

The lavender natural deodorant is great too, and it's definitely worked for me (which not all 'natural' deodorants seem to do)! 

“Our products are based on the idea that one at a time, we can create a movement towards zero waste.”

ZWBA's current products include a range of natural face & body scrubs, deodorants, toothpastes and bamboo toothbrushes. In the near future, they plan to expand their range to feature moisturisers, face masks, body/face wash, lip balm, bath salts and more.

I'm excited to try some of these too once they're released - especially the moisturisers!

ZWBA ship worldwide.