Pretty Pastels in Organic Bamboo: The Great Beyond's New Cassiopeia Collection


Say hello to beautifully elegant, eco-friendly clothing. The Great Beyond is an Australian sustainably minded clothing label, run by fashion blogger Aicha Robertson (of The Fashion Heist) and fashion designer Nicolas Azar. (Both of whom are vegan by the way, and advocate this beautiful lifestyle through The Great Beyond's social media and blogposts.)

We first came across (and soon came to love) this label a year ago, when we were searching for the perfect summer traveling clothes. For both Virginia and myself, The Great Beyond's pieces from their Orbit and Classics collections have become staples in our wardrobes. They're timelessly elegant - designed to transcend seasons (seeya later fast fashion) - and feel silky soft to wear.

The Great Beyond have just recently released their new Cassiopeia collection, and I can't get enough of its pretty pastel colours..


So what's with bamboo? It's a fast growing crop, which doesn't rely on intensive irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers. It also self-regenerates from its own roots, so doesn't require replanting.

Bamboo fabric is soft, breathable, moisture absorbent and non-irritating to the skin, as well as being durable and 100% biodegradable.

The Great Beyond's Cassiopeia collection is made with woven organic bamboo fibres, with some pieces finished with recycled PET details (like the Ara skirt you can see in these photos).


I love that this eco label is also honest and transparent about its production processes. You can learn about both the fabric and garment production teams in China on their website here. All of their clothing is OEKO-TEX certified as free from harmful substances, and the fabric is made with a closed loop system.


Vega Asymmetrical Top in rose quartz // Ara Skirt in serenity blue.