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Never too much lace

hand crafted & ethically made 


Made from 100% hemp yarn, crocheted onto a vegan leather base, and with rubber soles, these lacy shoes by Luludo are the stuff of summer dreams. 

Imagine wearing them on the beach, at a picnic in the park, or on a busy Saturday morning at the farmer's market.  Teamed up with a floaty skirt in linen, or denim shorts, they create just the right amount of sophisticated bohemian style perfect for sunny weekends. 

hemp lace crochet shoes.jpg
luludo crochet hemp lace shoes.jpg

Available in a range of earthy tones, the shoes are hand made in Bali in an intricate process which takes around 3-4 hours to crochet.

Because they are made by hand, and from a natural product, each shoe is slightly unique - which we think adds to the charm & preciousness.  


The shoes are the brain child of an Australian who had kept her mother's crochet shoes from the 1980s, and was determined to find a way to make a new pair for herself from sustainable (and vegan) materials. She learnt to crochet & make the shoes herself, then realising she wouldn't be able to keep up with demand, set about teaching a group of Balinese artisans what she had learned - so they could earn a fair wage while producing a classic item. 

By supporting hand made production, an age old skill is kept alive for future generations. 

Aren't they dreamy?


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All images courtesy of Luludu.