We are just an ordinary family cooking vegan food. We happen to prefer the taste and nutrition of wholefoods, so that forms the mainstay of our daily cooking. But we do enjoy cooking occasional treats.
You will sometimes find recipes here which aren't 100% healthy but they will always be 100% vegan.

About our Cooking

All recipes posted on Future King and Queen are vegetarian & vegan. We tend to use lots of in-season fruits and veggies as the basis of our cooking, and are very lucky that we have an organic grocer just around the corner, so it's easy to fill a basket with freshly harvested goodies and let that be the inspiration for dinner. Cookbook shelves are filled with books of many different cuisines, from many lands, which we adapt to suit our whole foods ingredients. 


Ingredients tend to be unrefined and simple - wholegrain flours rather than white, nuts with their skins on, etc. Our pantry is filled with a delicious variety of virgin fruit and nut oils (sesame, olive, almond, macadamia & coconut), whole grains, lots of nuts, legumes in every colour and texture, and fresh spices.

After we discovered how quick and economical it is to make our own nut + seed milks, we haven't looked back. A favourite is cashew milk, which is generally in the fridge, but sometimes we like to mix it up with a handful of other nuts and seeds for variety of nutrients. 

We love to bake, and often experiment with adapting traditional recipes which were heavy on butter, eggs & cream, by substituting animal-free alternatives.


How to substitute healthier and kinder ingredients in vegan cooking:

Some of our experiments are flops and some brilliant successes - we'll post the latter and laugh about the former! 

We have been vegetarian for many years, but as we began the switch to vegan cooking, we discovered many ingredients which actually perform BETTER than eggs and dairy in baking, and we wish we had known about these secrets earlier:- 


Magic Eggs
(egg substitute)

1 tablespoon ground whole flaxseed
3 tablespoons water

Mix together & allow to sit for 3-4 minutes, until a gelatinous mixture forms.

This amount replaces 1 egg in baking.
Simply multiply to suit. Use in pancakes, crepes, cakes, biscuits and muffins.

 Magic Egg pancakes with fresh berry topping. 

Magic Egg pancakes with fresh berry topping. 

Olive Oil Pastry 
(butter pastry substitute)

This produces a flakier, shorter, better textured pastry than our old butter pastry recipes used to. We use whole ground flour, ground nuts (almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts), olive oil, juice of a lemon and chilled water.

 Chia biscuits with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Chia biscuits with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Besan/ chickpea Flour
(thickener for sauces)

Swapping besan flour for regular white flour in sauces adds protein, but also adds a nutty flavour and a texture which behaves. No more lumpy sauces! Substitute like for like amount in savoury sauces and gravies.

Silken Tofu
(cream substitute)

Blended with a stick-mixer or a food processor, the very best organic non GM silken tofu is a brilliant addition when you want a creamy sauce for a curry or in a cheesecake or quiche.
We also love to stir it though stir-fry noodles at the end, tossed with peanuts and chilli, to create a creamy finish.


(egg white substitute)

That liquid leftover from a drained can of chickpeas is the new wonder-kid on the culinary block - because when whipped, this magic liquid becomes the most fabulous substitute for egg white. Use in chocolate mouse, pavlova & meringue. We use ⅓ cup of sugar to a can of chickpeas - makes the equivalent of 2-3 egg meringue. 3 tablespoons of aquafaba is the equivalent of 1 egg white.

Coconut Oil/butter
(butter substitute)

While the jury is still out on the enormous claims of the cure-all effects of this ancient (but now trendy) ingredient, there is no debate about its cooking prowess. Use 3/4 cup virgin/cold-pressed coconut oil + ¼ cup water to replace 1 cup of dairy butter. (Whip it, melt it - it creates yummier, more evenly textured cakes, biscuits, crumbles and slices.)

 Spinach & mushroom filling on top of a walnut, olive oil pastry base, waiting for its silken tofu and flaxseed topping, to make a very yummy quiche.

Spinach & mushroom filling on top of a walnut, olive oil pastry base, waiting for its silken tofu and flaxseed topping, to make a very yummy quiche.